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What is the 470 Class?

The 470 is an Olympic Class Dinghy recognised by World Sailing. Sailed by both men and women, it was designed in 1963 by the Frenchman André Cornu as a modern fibreglass planning dinghy. The name is the overall length of the boat in centimetres, (i.e. the boat is 4.70 meters long). The hull is made of fibreglass with integral buoyancy tanks.

Why sail the 470?

The 470 is used for the Men and Women’s Two Person Dinghy event at the Olympic Games. The World Championships usually attracts between 150 and 200 boats. 

A few key facts about the 470:

  • The skipper usually weighs between 50-65kg and the crew around 65-75kg.

  • The class is renowned for its close racing.

  • The class is known as the most ‘technical’ class in the Olympic Games.


The GBR 470 Class is a platform for GBR 470 sailors to learn and develop their skills and for others to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The class has recently started hosting the GBR 470 Nationals. This event is sponsored by our class sponsor JDX Consulting Limited.


A note about the GBR 470 Class Sponsor:

JDX's aim is to create a global consulting firm inspired by entrepreneurship and a unique culture. JDX succeeds by doing the right things for their clients with energy, enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge, values which are integral to being a great 470 sailor.

Their vision is to become the industry leader in assisting clients in solving their greatest challenges in consulting, globally by 2019. They want to be known by their staff as a fantastic place to work and seen by their clients as a dynamic company with a unique learning culture, staffed by enthusiastic teams of fulfilled professionals.


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